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Welcome to the Sydney philosophy seminars!

To the right is a mini calendar; it contains locked down and confirmed seminars. Just because a Wednesday is empty at some point, doesn't mean it isn't almost locked down though!

I have set the calendars by default to "agenda" view. Click "look for more", and keep clicking until the list of seminars is as long as you want. By clicking on the month or week tabs on the top right of the calendar you can switch to a traditional calendar view.

All Wednesday seminars will be in The Muniment Room on Wednesdays at 1 PM. Current Projects seminars on Thursdays in the Muniment Room at 3PM. Info on conferences and other seminars is available at their respective sites.

Below you will find blog posts which contain some information and announcements, and also discussion of seminars.

Friday, 28 August 2009

More calendars now served

Two new kinds of events are now on this calendar; Sydney Centre for Foundations of Science events, and the Postgraduate Work in Progress seminars. The latter are grey and the former are aqua.

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